CleanFiles Guide #1

Are you new to the PPD world? Have you been in the PPD world for a while now but you're struggling to make your desired amount of downloads per day? Well you've come to the right place! When you're uploading files, think to yourself "Would I complete a survey to get ________" (The blank is for the file you're uploading). Also, if you're stuck and you can't figure out what you want to upload, use Google's Keyword Tool ( and Google Trends (http:/ / to see what's being searched for now. Search around until you think you've found something that you think that you can promote well, create your product, then start promoting and watch the earnings roll into your account! For example, say "Weight Loss" is a trending topic. Then you could create a PDF file about weight loss and promote it. (Note, this would be hard because there are a lot of experienced Internet Marketers promoting their Weight Loss products, you just have to find a niche that's not very "saturated.") You can make PDFs using Microsoft Word 2007 (Save As > PDF), and there are also some free PDF creators out there. If you're going to use a YouTube video, it would be a wise move to join a social exchange site to receive YouTube views, likes, and comments. Thousands of views, tons of likes, and positive comments will cause your impressions and conversions to skyrocket! Where should you promote this product? You can promote your product via: Email (Please comply with Anti-Spam laws *CANSPAM*) Forums (Be an active member on forums and have your product as your signature leading to your CleanFiles link) YouTube Create your own site/blogger blog/ect. (You can get a .us domain for $4 at GoDaddy!) YouTube: A lot of people promote their YouTube videos incorrectly. Make your YouTube video look professional and trustable, don't use captions or type text to your users in Notepad when you're recording your screen, it drives a lot of potential downloaders away. Instead, use your mic and talk! For your title and description, word it in a way that makes a user want to download your file! Build hype for your video, just don't over hype it! Also, pick your video's tags wisely! Use to help you pick your tags! ...That's it, enjoy!


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