CleanFiles #5

Build a website. (optional but recommended) 
You can create free stuff like or like I did for the example site 
But I think a .com domain looks more professional.
So wait till there's a $0,99 offer or buy a domain for ±$10

$10 will be nothing if you think about the gaint amount of cash you'll be earning!

I always buy them on namecheap

Then you need hosting. Free hosting is optional but I recommend paid hosting. 
I have good experiences with (dutch site)
They have hosting packages starting at €0.50 /month.
Don't know if there are other good cheap hosting companies.

Easiest way is to install WordPress and create a nice looking site.
Two themes that I use a lot are Responsive and Shell Lite because they have nice 'Call to action' buttons. (Look at my example:

Something for users to download
Ofcourse you'll need something for users to download. Get a file that you can upload (be sure to don't violate copyrights) or create a file yourself. And upload it. Place the link to the download on your video or website.

When you have your file, upload them to a PPD network.

I think I can't advertise for other ppd/cpa networks here, so you should go for cleanfiles :mrgreen: 

Put the link to your download on your website, or/and in the description of your youtube video.

Build a website 2 (optional) 
Make your website look professional. I prefer no ads and a clean interface. Put a big download button on the page and make things look as legit as possible.
I use photoshop to make things damn real. You could also use or something and make a screen recording.

YouTube video YouTube is an easy way to get a lot of traffic. 
Create a video and show what kind of software you use and try to convince people to download your file!

Sign up to a video boosting website, get some credits and boost your video.
You will put the link to your download, or website in the description.
Also turn comments option on: 'only accept approved comments' to avoid comments like 'fake' 'stupid survey' etc..

CleanFiles Guide #4

Just a 3-step method to drive in massive downloads to your CleanFiles links.

Step 1: Sign up to social websites like Myspace and create a profile (try going with a girl name, they work better). 

Step 2:
 Make around 200 - 500 friends. This process might be a little time consuming, but not as tough. If the security is high for the social website you chose, then atleast add around 50 friends a day. Try focusing more on people from the US and UK. No worries, when done right your hard work will pay off. ;) But incase you find this uneasy, then head on to You can get accounts with friends already added on them. 

Step 3: Now add a girl pic in your profile and update your status. In the status, you can put in anything that can attract people and encourage them to download it. For instance, you can say that this is your phone number, or maybe say this is your cam show, or maybe your hottest pics and then add in your .txt/image file which is cloaked with your CleanFiles link.

That's all. You can get heaps of guys to download your files. Also make sure to keep updating your profile daily and add more & more friends everyday to get more downloads.

CleanFiles Guide #3

This is probably my favorite method just because its actually very creative. What you need to do is go to any manual traffic exchange and sign up to a few. 
But it's not all,search by yourself to find more.
Upload a large picture or any small program that is about 1 to 2M in size and name it "Traffic Exchange Bot." Make a quick blogger blog and delete everything from the page except for the post and title. 
Make The title large and the body easy to read. State that you have a free traffic exchange bot that they can have to use for the traffic exchange they are on. You can customize the page and make one for each traffic exchange you use. People will download the file hoping for a bot.
Even if you dont have a bot for them to download you still can make one.Just create a text file and write whatever you want,save as a *.exe file.
After that download this tool: File Size Pumper ( .It will increase size of any file. This step is make the bot look real,noone believe a bot with just 2 or 3K,let make size about 1 or 2M and upload it on cleanfiles.
You can participate in the exchange to get credits or just buy some, either way you will get conversions easily since everyone hates having to do manual traffic exchanges.
Remember upload a virus scan of your file(,of course it not a virus but if you do that it will help your site more professional and people don't think it's a scam

CleanFiles Guide #2

This is another great and simple method that always works. First, go to youtube, dailymotion, or vimeo and search a niche. Some suggested keywords are hack, crack, keygen, tutorials or a keyword which people usually use with survey downloads. Then select the change the result dates to today (this will show the newest videos) and you got a hot niche! Now, make your own video with that niche or re-edit someone video if they don't have any watermark Upload the file to cleanfiles if you have a legit file or make a rar with password, and upload the password on cleanfiles Then upload the video to youtube, and put your download links in description. Then you can using a site like this to get views, likes, comments, favorites, and subscribers making your videos look better.

CleanFiles Guide #1

Are you new to the PPD world? Have you been in the PPD world for a while now but you're struggling to make your desired amount of downloads per day? Well you've come to the right place! When you're uploading files, think to yourself "Would I complete a survey to get ________" (The blank is for the file you're uploading). Also, if you're stuck and you can't figure out what you want to upload, use Google's Keyword Tool ( and Google Trends (http:/ / to see what's being searched for now. Search around until you think you've found something that you think that you can promote well, create your product, then start promoting and watch the earnings roll into your account! For example, say "Weight Loss" is a trending topic. Then you could create a PDF file about weight loss and promote it. (Note, this would be hard because there are a lot of experienced Internet Marketers promoting their Weight Loss products, you just have to find a niche that's not very "saturated.") You can make PDFs using Microsoft Word 2007 (Save As > PDF), and there are also some free PDF creators out there. If you're going to use a YouTube video, it would be a wise move to join a social exchange site to receive YouTube views, likes, and comments. Thousands of views, tons of likes, and positive comments will cause your impressions and conversions to skyrocket! Where should you promote this product? You can promote your product via: Email (Please comply with Anti-Spam laws *CANSPAM*) Forums (Be an active member on forums and have your product as your signature leading to your CleanFiles link) YouTube Create your own site/blogger blog/ect. (You can get a .us domain for $4 at GoDaddy!) YouTube: A lot of people promote their YouTube videos incorrectly. Make your YouTube video look professional and trustable, don't use captions or type text to your users in Notepad when you're recording your screen, it drives a lot of potential downloaders away. Instead, use your mic and talk! For your title and description, word it in a way that makes a user want to download your file! Build hype for your video, just don't over hype it! Also, pick your video's tags wisely! Use to help you pick your tags! ...That's it, enjoy!

What is Cleanfiles?

Cleanfiles is a new and improved Pay-Per-Download site (PPD). You get paid when someone downloads a file that you have uploaded to their site. They have also incorporated a unique landing page for the visitors downloading file. Before they can download your file, visitors have to complete an advertiser survey or offer. Advertisers usually pay $1.00+ per completed survey, which is then paid to you! The best part is that it's completely free to join Cleanfiles!