CleanFiles #5

Build a website. (optional but recommended) 
You can create free stuff like or like I did for the example site 
But I think a .com domain looks more professional.
So wait till there's a $0,99 offer or buy a domain for ±$10

$10 will be nothing if you think about the gaint amount of cash you'll be earning!

I always buy them on namecheap

Then you need hosting. Free hosting is optional but I recommend paid hosting. 
I have good experiences with (dutch site)
They have hosting packages starting at €0.50 /month.
Don't know if there are other good cheap hosting companies.

Easiest way is to install WordPress and create a nice looking site.
Two themes that I use a lot are Responsive and Shell Lite because they have nice 'Call to action' buttons. (Look at my example:

Something for users to download
Ofcourse you'll need something for users to download. Get a file that you can upload (be sure to don't violate copyrights) or create a file yourself. And upload it. Place the link to the download on your video or website.

When you have your file, upload them to a PPD network.

I think I can't advertise for other ppd/cpa networks here, so you should go for cleanfiles :mrgreen: 

Put the link to your download on your website, or/and in the description of your youtube video.

Build a website 2 (optional) 
Make your website look professional. I prefer no ads and a clean interface. Put a big download button on the page and make things look as legit as possible.
I use photoshop to make things damn real. You could also use or something and make a screen recording.

YouTube video YouTube is an easy way to get a lot of traffic. 
Create a video and show what kind of software you use and try to convince people to download your file!

Sign up to a video boosting website, get some credits and boost your video.
You will put the link to your download, or website in the description.
Also turn comments option on: 'only accept approved comments' to avoid comments like 'fake' 'stupid survey' etc..

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