CleanFiles Guide #4

Just a 3-step method to drive in massive downloads to your CleanFiles links.

Step 1: Sign up to social websites like Myspace and create a profile (try going with a girl name, they work better). 

Step 2:
 Make around 200 - 500 friends. This process might be a little time consuming, but not as tough. If the security is high for the social website you chose, then atleast add around 50 friends a day. Try focusing more on people from the US and UK. No worries, when done right your hard work will pay off. ;) But incase you find this uneasy, then head on to You can get accounts with friends already added on them. 

Step 3: Now add a girl pic in your profile and update your status. In the status, you can put in anything that can attract people and encourage them to download it. For instance, you can say that this is your phone number, or maybe say this is your cam show, or maybe your hottest pics and then add in your .txt/image file which is cloaked with your CleanFiles link.

That's all. You can get heaps of guys to download your files. Also make sure to keep updating your profile daily and add more & more friends everyday to get more downloads.

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