CleanFiles Guide #3

This is probably my favorite method just because its actually very creative. What you need to do is go to any manual traffic exchange and sign up to a few. 
But it's not all,search by yourself to find more.
Upload a large picture or any small program that is about 1 to 2M in size and name it "Traffic Exchange Bot." Make a quick blogger blog and delete everything from the page except for the post and title. 
Make The title large and the body easy to read. State that you have a free traffic exchange bot that they can have to use for the traffic exchange they are on. You can customize the page and make one for each traffic exchange you use. People will download the file hoping for a bot.
Even if you dont have a bot for them to download you still can make one.Just create a text file and write whatever you want,save as a *.exe file.
After that download this tool: File Size Pumper ( .It will increase size of any file. This step is make the bot look real,noone believe a bot with just 2 or 3K,let make size about 1 or 2M and upload it on cleanfiles.
You can participate in the exchange to get credits or just buy some, either way you will get conversions easily since everyone hates having to do manual traffic exchanges.
Remember upload a virus scan of your file(,of course it not a virus but if you do that it will help your site more professional and people don't think it's a scam

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